Can-I-Go? Best Reporters Competition

The more you report the more you can win!

On 1st august 2020 kickstarts the Can-I-Go? Best Reporters Competition through which we shall reward the users that most contribute to the community with occupation reports of the diverse places in the app

How does it work?

Everytime you report a place’s occupation you win points, and if you report the occupation of multiple places you win even more points. The reporters with more points, in the end of the month shall win the following conquests:

  • Top100: one of the best 100 reporters of the month
  • Top50: one of the best 50 reporters of the month
  • Top10: one of the best 50 reporters of the month
  • W: best reporter of the month

How to claim my prize?

If you are one of the best reporters awarded with a real prize, you shall be contacted via email with instructions on how to receive your prize.

What are the badges?

When using the application and reporting multiple times the occupation of a place and of multiple places of different kinds, you may unlock different badges for your collection. Collect the various Can-I-Go? badges while helping the community to avoid crowded places!