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Reduced queues and occupancy,
use the App before you go.
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We intend to help maintaining the social distancing, by informing the community about the places’ occupancy before they leave home, thus avoiding bigger queues and crowded places.


We combine 3 kinds of occupancy data to guarantee the maximum information. We aggregate occupancy data reported by the users with official data from place owners and with occupancy data extracted and estimated automatically.


This App was born as an official tech4covid19 , a movement of 5.000+ people that joined together for mitigating the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Go out safely for shopping, going to the pharmacy or the beach

Crowds of people in commercial and public places increase the risk of exposure to the COVID-19. Use the Can I Go? App before leaving home to know what’s the occupation in the places near you and what is the best time to safely visit them.

Simple and accessible to everyone

Check the occupation level of the places near you, in the map or list.

Check more information about the place and save it as favourite.

Help the community and every time you visit a place report its occupation level.

Check detailed info about a beach, such as its water quality and available infrastructures.

Contribute to your safety and those around you

Add new places to Can I Go? or log in as a Place Owner to report the official occupation of your places in real-time. You can report the places' official occupation through the App, Backoffice or IVR system (automatic call system).

Available for iPhone and Android

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Qual o risco de transmissão nas praias e quais são seguras?

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